“Best Project Award in Innovation in Collaboration with SEAT, SA®”

2018, Elisava


Set Mii Free is a car sharing vehicle designed for all those young people who start earning money with their first jobs and want to escape

From Monday to Friday, Barcelona solves mobility with public transport; But the weekend is not enough. This service allows the owner to carpool during the weekdays, earn money, and escape the weekend.

Our owner is interested in maximizing his car; therefore, the more carsharing users are interested, the greater the benefit. As a result, we decided to design a very versatile interior to cover the widest possible range of users.

The interior design comes out of the conventional. It is inspired in tetris, tangram and lego. Upon entering we find a dynamic surface, which works by artificial intelligence. It consists of a series of rubber pistons, which serve to retain luggage. The signage of this surface helps the user to order the objects in the most optimal way.

It has four folding seats on the roof; this allows to obtain a totally configurable space and will help to clean the interior. The cockpit simplifies and extends the design; consists of a display screen and a floating haptic trackpad.

To link these three pillars (owner, users and car), we design a fluid application close to the user, from which you can scan products and know in real time if everything that I want to transport is poss

Xavi Maixenchs Bobé