Persistence of Times - Brussels

Persistence of Times - 3D Simulation


Artist: Xavi Bové

Production: Patrícia Vàzquez

Software Developer & 3D: Xavi MB

Music Design: Zinkman

2021, Brussels


Facts, actions and events, experienced individually or collectively, draw one's personal memory of what has been lived. Simultaneously, it might also become the memory of society as a whole, with its own cultural trace throughout history.

“Persistence of Times” is an installation about how information is transmitted, its persistence in time and in the memory of society.

This reflection is carried out by means of an audio-visual meditative experience with spherical kinetic lights. Each source of light is transmitted from one point to the next, in a metaphor about people, generations and time. Some sources fade out; some others are retained and reinforced, remaining in our memory forever.

What is remembered, is;
the rest, simply doesn’t exist.

Kinetic lights installation with synchronized sound.

Xavi Maixenchs Bobé