MUTEK Barcelona

“International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music”

2020, Barcelona


Experimental project I've developed with Lorenza Tabares, a visual artist.

We've tried to have an analog Laser Effect, understanding the laser's physics and customize it with music.

To understand well the project, it is necessary to firstly comprehend the fractal operation regarding the laser with mirrors.

We have taken a 50 W of potential green laser, as well as 3 mirrors with rotary motors.

We have used the communication between Arduino and Processing in order to match the mirrors’ movement with the music’s rhythm.

Furthermore, we have assigned through the code a different speed to each motor, depending on the song.

We have also divided and interpreted each song’s beat, with 5 seconds sample (the kick, snare and hat).

On the other hand, when modifying the mirrors’ speeds with the potentiometers, we realized that they drew different Lissajous figures.

Which means that each musical “genre” will create different figures to other genres.

To sum up, it has been an experimental and prototyped fruitful work.

Xavi Maixenchs Bobé