Lunar Oscillations - Indoor

Lunar Oscillations - Exterior

Lunar Oscillations - 3D Simulation


Artist: Xavi Bové

Production: Patrícia Vàzquez

Software Developer & 3D Artist: Xavi MB

Music Design: Zinkman

2021, Barcelona & Barcelona


Lunar Oscillations is a contemplative piece about the perception of a variable environment, a universe of stars and dynamic moons.

This ‘site-specific’ light and sound installation is inspired by the influence the moon exerts on the seas and oceans, as well as on living beings. It explores the sensations that an individual can experience by transforming the space with a moving set of lights and shadows.

The space is flooded by moving stars, white dots with their beams of lights, and different moons get lighted as they move downwards to the ground. The piece is complemented by a heavenly thread of music, where each moon emits a specific acoustic vibration, turning the location into a cosmic sound and visual landscape.

The installation works without start and end, using autonomous operating algorithms, so visitors can experience it at their own pace for as long as it is wished.

Xavi Maixenchs Bobé