“The briefing consisted of the construction of a modular electric vehicle, which could help new overpopulated cities”

2017, Elisava


This work is related with cities with high population growth, which needed new design and urban challenges, in order to develop more secure, e cientcy, and ecological mobility. It is a conceptual project, that seeks to provide the population with a new, agile, and a versatile way of driving.

For the formalization, it was necessary to obtain prior knowledge of modeling with diffe- rents kind of 3D software such as Rhinoceros or CREO.
To build it in a rational way, we have to consider the size of the vehicle to adapt it into small neighborhoods and streets.

Lucy, is a vehicle that allows the transport of three passengers or on the other hand, to carry a commercial load.
It is an “auto rickshaw” concept, which presents a new model of electric conduction.

Xavi Maixenchs Bobé