“Advertising prototype for the emblem of Catalonia, such as Casa Ricarda, Casa Gomis. In my case, I thought it was appropriate to grill or barbecue, conside- ring the formal aesthetics of its surroundings”

2016, Elisava


It is a cubic shape where a square hole that forms a negative angle prevails. This is the in- ner part of the barbecue where we would store coal, wood or any utensil for its practice.

At the top we will find the black iron plate, where the fire will light, and on the grill of stainless steel where the food is cut. It goes without saying that underneath the plate a considerable space was left to store kitchen utensils such as tweezers, or any meat dish so that it does not cool down while we finish cooking the rest.

While all the skeleton of the Barbecue is black iron, the exterior features a series of white granite tiles, modulated to formalize it with the rest of the furniture.

Xavi Maixenchs Bobé