La Model, Barcelona

“ELISAVA’s Bachelors and Study Abroad students took part at the Ús Barcelona festival with three interactive facilities at La Modelo, the former prison center in Barcelona. The objective: to reflect on the experience and history of this emblematic space”

2019, Barcelona

Reflexive Installation 

Express Yourself

This installation collects photographs of different messages found on the walls of La Mo- delo and invites the public to leave their mark in the form of drawing or message through the brilliant sign that produces the light of the mobiles or a flashlight.

Room for One

Initially, the Modelo was designed for a population of 820 prisoners. During the Franco regime it came to accommodate up to 13,000. The cells, spaces where supposedly only had to coexist two people, got to welcome up to 15 people.

This installation invites visitors to enter to a crowded cell with the aim of experiencing the sensations produced by overpopulation and to reflect on what it meant to live in this building for maximum occupation

Xavi Maixenchs Bobé